It is a funny name for a personal blog, I know, but That is what I have been calling myself for the last few months. I got hired to code WordPress plugin and an interesting, as pathetic as it is, it has-been consuming my personal life as much as my work life. Not good I guess, but I happen To Have gotten passionate about what it is I do.

Here is the thing: When it comes to authority backlink generators, nothing - and I mean NOTHING - with a matching price-tag compares to the Samson WordPress plugin. It is by far (if I may say so myself) the best Automatic Backlink Generator on the planet. At least a million times better than anything I have ever seen.

Jody Alright, what is so good about this WP plugin?

Like I said, it instantly Generates Hundreds of in-demand backlinks With the click of a button. It can generate instant backlinks to any link I want, without any boring manual labor on my part. Automatically Each campaign Generates an RSS feed. This means your sites That Could have Thousands of backlinks pointing to them, but if Google never finds out acerca Those backlinks, your website will not rank better. With This RSS feed however I - That problem is eliminated.

We all Know That the # 1 ranking factor for a website site are the links pointing to it. This plugin Ensures That You get a good mix of very high quality backlinks. Which in my honest opinion is CRITICAL! Anyways, the first thing I had to do was educate myself on backlinks. What they do, How They work, etc.. Thank God for Wikipedia !

So yeah, my life is officially boring to Most people's standards but I love it. I guess I have become your typical computer nerd That has powerful software for everything. Hehe :)
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